Portrait of a young woman holding her nose because of a bad smel
Fits Shape of Nose

Make-up and hairdressing art come to an account so enough in the field of data the art of hairdressers may not have your face instead of the more ugly beautiful, for example, if, due to the shape of your nose of dark shadows around noses use terder be sure your nose seem smaller.
If your nose is broad:
In this case, you should have both sides of your nose to help the color a shade darker than the skin shadow dark vine stir slightly to the cheeks and part of the face like the cheeks of landmark and turn in this case wide nose you more compact looks.
If your nose is long:

In this case should be the tip of the nose and the tip of your nose to help the shadow color of a darker shade, please skin your nose appear shorter.
If your nose is crooked:

In this case also the same broad nose style should be your nose shadow below it, of course, this time in addition to the 2 of the nose should be crooked or deviated on the nose of dark shadows is also significant and this little gay dark towards the species.
Of course, you need to say is that a lot of hairstyles as well as smaller impact being seen your nose so it is better to be sure when you wash right from your hairdresser ask that your nose form accuracy.